Sunday, July 29, 2012

Qaddafi is Jewish

An Israeli television program in which Gaddafi’s Jewish roots are discussed, by his second cousin in Israel.  “With a Jewish Grandma, and a Jewish Mother, Gaddafi may seek refuge in Israel”, according to Israel Insider.

The Israeli television program discusses Gaddafi’s Jewish mother and grandmother.  This is how Israel Insider explains the connection:

Israel’s Channel 2 News last year interviewed two Israeli women of Libyan origin who claimed to be relatives of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Israel Today’s Ryan Jones reminds us.The older of the two interviewees, Guita Brown, claimed that she is Gaddafi’s second cousin: her grandmother was the sister of Gaddafi’s grandmother. The younger of the two women, Rachel Saada, Brown’s granddaughter , explained in more detail:
“The story goes that Gaddafi’s grandmother, a Jewess, was married to a Jewish man at first. But he treated her badly, so she ran away and married a Muslim sheikh. Their child was the mother of Gaddafi.”
While Gaddafi’s grandmother converted to Islam when she married the sheikh, according to Jewish religious law (and common sense), she was ethnically still Jewish. And that makes Gaddafi’s mother a Jewess. And if Gaddafi’s mother is a Jewess, what does that make Gaddafi?At that point in the news report, the anchor exclaimed, “So, the point is that Gaddafi doesn’t just have Jewish relatives, he is Jewish!”

That may come in handy. According to Israel’s Law of Return, anyone with a Jewish grandparent is entitled to become a citizen, no questions asked.


Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, who is seen as the Libyan dictator’s most likely successor, was also a guest of billionaire financiers Jacob and Nat Rothschild at their Corfu villa where the Business Secretary stayed a week…days before it emerged that the Lockerbie bomber was to be freed.

-  “Mandy and the Lockerbie bomber and ANOTHER ‘coincidence’ in Corfu”Daily Mail, 18 August 2009Swinging London is but one hub of Gadhafi Inc. – a useful networking site where the Rothschilds were able to point Saif Gadhafi to investment opportunities in marina complexes in Montenegro.

“Gadhafi’s stolen billions stashed in London” Daily Telegraph, 25 February 2011The evidence indicates that Muammar Qaddafi, who controls the largest oil reserves in Africa, works closely with the Rothschild family and the Mossad.  This makes complete sense, if, as the Israeli television program reported, Qaddafi is actually a Jew.

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