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Carlos Castaneda and the Suicide Cult.

Who was really Carlos Castaneda? A spiritual guide of shamanism or a cult? A storyteller lucky? A rampant fraud?

These are some of the questions raised by the mystery surrounding the famous anthropologist and shaman that the excellent BBC documentary reveals accompanied Castaneda's first child with his first wife.

In accordance with the Wikipedia of Carlos Castaneda: The writer Amy Wallace, daughter of author Irving Wallace, published a book in which he talks about his close relationship with Carlos Castaneda. The book describes him as someone bullying her voluble acolytes, all women, by whim, and also has sex with all of them. (Carlos was vasectomized and was also an accomplished and foot fetish sandals). His inner circle, according to Amy Wallace, was formed by Florinda Donner and Taisha Patty Partin, among others. Speaking later, Amy Wallace says he is convinced that these three women, along with Talia Bey and Kilie Lundahl, Cleargreen, they agreed collective suicide after the death of Castaneda. Nothing is known of them since 1998. In 2003, DNA tests were human remains found in Death Valley. According to police belonged to Patty Partin, also known as Nury Alexander or blue scout.

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An excellent book that reveals the truth about this character.

Witch Apprentice: My Life with Carlos Castaneda.

Amy Wallace,
Everyone knows who the author of the book on the teachings of Don Juan, the Yaqui sorcerer mythical, but few knew the strange personal and sexual life, his inner circle of disciples advantaged and, especially, their disciples and lovers, as until his death, in 1998, Carlos Castaneda excelled in the art of "hide his personal history," making clear all traces and origin, including images or photographs of him.

In his fascinating book, Amy Wallace, daughter and collaborator of highly successful novelist Wallace Irwin, as autobiographical recounts her life with Carlos Castaneda, with whom he had a stormy relationship and a bittersweet intimate spiritual sharing. In Witch Apprentice: My Life with Carlos Castaneda, reveals the misery and greatness of this enigmatic and contradictory character, with detailed information on the whereabouts of close disciples as "witches" Florinda Donner and Tisha Abelar, with whom Castaneda maintained a very narrow link.

The reader must decide, after reading the author, if Carlos Castaneda was the nagual of our era, with the mission to transmit the teachings of the Yaqui sorcerer for humanity reach a higher level of consciousness, or if it was a megalomaniac and compulsive liar, creator of a destructive cult which indirectly led to madness and death to many people who irresponsibly experimented with psychedelic "power plants". I think this book greatly interested all who have been affected in one way or another by the teachings of Don Juan.

She is Amy Wallace in this section of the video she talks about how bizarre it is Castaneda and the suicide of one of his favorite Disciples on:




    Admirers of Carlos Castañeda wonder how much truth about his mysterious death .

    But despite Castaneda's obsessive pursuit of complete anonymity , he refused to be photographed or recorded and almost never gave interviews , he gained international fame , and books continue to sell well after their fashion passed.

    In recent years , he emerged with a new vision , the teaching of Tensegrity , which is described in Cleargreen site as "a modernized version of some movements called magical passes developed by Indian shamans who lived in Mexico in times prior to the Spanish conquest . " he even made public appearances and spoke at seminars that promote the work .

    Unknown to customers just for the seminars that cost $ 600 and more - Castaneda was dying of cancer while describing his route to vibrant good health, perhaps one of their shamanic journeys or even a future of deception that would happen to you .
    Indeed , although only his inner circle knew about it , he died on April 27 at his home in Westwood , a section of well -to-do Los Angeles , where he lived for many years with some of the self - described witches , stalkers , dreamers and spiritual seekers who shared his work .
    It has been alleged that Carlos taught his close devotees that when he perished, he would disappear into a flash of light rather than die a human physical death, and would join every point in the universe. Also that if they were with him holding hands at the time of his death, they would also vanish into a flash of light rather than die physically (he later died of pancreatic cancer). It is alleged that Carlos had told Partin to meet him in death valley, where they would join the stars together. Her car was found a few miles from her body, in the middle of death valley, where average daytime temperatures exceed 35'C.
    Invariably described as a flawless person who kept his affairs in perfect order , Castaneda apparently signed the will on April 23 , and then strangely died at 3 am on April 27 , ie four days later where his death certificate said mortis causa " metabolic encephalopathy , a neurological breakdown" that followed two weeks of liver failure and 10 months of cancer. Something very strange , because the signature is partially obscured , and his son CJ Castaneda and his mother , Margaret Castaneda , say that does not look like the signature Castaneda .

    He was cremated within hours of his death . His death was kept secret for more than two months until the word was leaked and confirmed by their representatives , who said the death was kept quiet in line with the pursuit of lifelong Castaneda privacy .

    His will cited assets of $ 1 million , a modest number for an author who has sold so well and apparently lived simply. All their goods were delivered to the Eagle Trust , created while the will . It is unclear how much additional assets had been placed in the trust , but a London newspaper recently estimated its assets at $ 20 milhões.Ao it seems to some of his fans and the author simulated his death and disappeared as the their shamanic writings and now lives in Mexico or by some track raised by his followers in Brazil , in the same place from where he left to study at UCLA in North America . Apparently today writes under the pseudonym C.S.Scriblerius , known as writings faceless author MAGICAL MYSTERY TRAVEL an Percyfaw Code.

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  2. the accusations made by Amy Wallace concerning the sexual life of Carlos Castaneda are LIES for one simple UNKNOWN FACT concerning Carlos....

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