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The Eggs and the Easter Bunny

The ritual pagan of easter eggs represent the Antichrist

The tradition of giving Easter eggs comes from many centuries ago, more than you can imagine.

 The eggs in many cultures have means "life" and "fertility" and in ancient Rome were given away in the spring festivals. he principle of the universe and the creation.

Spring was a sacred time for sex Phoenician worshipers. The symbols of the goddess of fertility, "Astarte" or "Ishtar" was the egg and the hare.

The Phoenicians called the Penis as “Asher” which means; “The Upright”, The Powerful”, and “The Opener”. Since the Penis ruptured the hymen and opens the door of the womb in the first coition with a virgin it is called as The Opener;

 The Phoenician god Asher was similar to that of Egyptian god Ptah and Ptah were considered identical with Baal-Peor means; “The Master of the Opening”, “Master of the Hole” or The Master of the Vulva”; 

Some statues are depicted with grossly exaggerated sexual organs, while other figures appear with an egg in his hand and a rabbit on his right.

The popularity of this deity, was due in part to the wide dissemination in antiquity had sacred prostitution.

Mayan Ixchel of Fertility Statue

 In this Mayan Goddess statue she is shown in her moon-maiden aspect with a fecund rabbit companion, an ancient and modern symbol of fertility and Witchcraft. 

In Carthage, brightly colored urns discovered beneath monuments erected in honor of this goddess Astarte, containing charred bones of children and adolescents.

It happens that the parents of the little victims (usually people of high rank and title) expected that the gods bless his wealth and influence, through these human sacrifices.

According to the book Medieval Holidays and Festivals: "The celebration of Easter is named (Easter), in honor of Eostre, Germanic goddess of dawn and spring."

In the history of the egg has been a very important element within the most primitive cosmogonies.

Sai Baba like a bad magician

In India and countries of the eastern Semites, the egg has represented the primitive germ hidden in the water;
In Vedic cosmology is believed to originate waters rose and gave rise to a golden egg, which left the creator of the world.

London Gherkin eggshaped building

The esoteric mindset of the builders of the European Union's 

 Astarte is the whore of Babylon

The new project of the European Council  

The E-Uterus or the Egg

Children collect Easter eggs in a park in Brussels April 8, 2012, during an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest Easter egg hunt.

  From Egypt these pagan eggs

In Egypt, the symbolism of the egg resembles the Greek myth of Pandora's Box ( NWO ) It is believed that the god Osiris and his brother, Typhon, respectively, and introduced fought all goods and evils of the world in an egg. When you break it, all the evils were distributed across the planet; Also in Persia, and Greece and Rome, it was common to paint eggs and eat them at parties, in honor of spring. 

The looney toons was the first recorded corn show, which later became a channel for children. It was cancelled shortly after because of the subliminal messages asking children to turn homosexual.

The homosexual Bunny


Gay Marriage

Looney Tunes is a liberal propaganda scheme created to desensitize the children to homosexuality, cross-dressing, domestic violence, animal cruelty, and beastiality. 


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The Hurry Rabbit

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Pay Attention

 Do not sin against the children!