Thursday, March 1, 2012

Che Guevara was a Murderer

During his vicious campaigns to impose communism on countries throughout Latin America, Che Guevara trained and motivated the Castro regime’s firing squads that executed thousands of men, women, and children.

Revealing the truth of Che’s cruel murderous hypocrisy and acknowledging his countless victims. 

                                 Che was the head of the execution

 Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna , " the young idealist " and inspiration icon for many young people is nothing than an murderer and stalin wannabe.

Che Guevara said in speech: If executions We shot and continue shooting as needed our fight is a fight to death:

 Guevara recognized the executions on the island

Wisdom 17:11  Wickedness is cowardly in itself and stands self-condemned. 


     Hollywood celebrates a Murderer 

 Benicio Del Toro in Che; The film of Fools.

Guevara's Communism

Karl Marx was call the "father of communism" and was secretly a High Priest of Satan; He writes in a poem:
  “I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above.” 

Other confession of Marx made in a poem called The Player :   
The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain,
Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.
See this sword? The prince of darkness sold it to me.
For me beats the time and gives the signs.
Ever more boldly I play the dance of death.

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David Rockefeller and Fidel Castro Shaking Hands 


 They are the same evil!


The Grand Lodge of Cuba  

Click: Women Freemasons in Cuba 

Unification Masonic Cuba (Year 40!)

It takes place a cultural evening at the theater and cultural Sauto of the city of Matanzas, on the occasion of the unification Masonic.

Communism and freemasonry

The rebellion comes from the sons of Babylon

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of the LORD, he has also rejected you from being king. 1 Samuel 15:23

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