Thursday, February 2, 2012

The hoax of chemtrail.

The chemtrail conspiracy theory holds that some trails left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programs directed by government officials. This theory is not accepted by the scientific community, which states that they are just normal contrails, and that there is no scientific evidence supporting the chemtrail theory.

In 1996, a chemtrail conspiracy theory began to circulate when the United States Air Force (USAF) was accused of "spraying the US population with mysterious substances" from aircraft "generating unusual contrail patterns."

                                Chemtrail over the White House?
You believe that they are going to kill themselves with chemical or biological agents as chemtrail?

                                                Over Washington DC

                        This explains a lot about this deception..

                                  Chemtrail in Barack Obama

       His family has no protection for chemtrail...

                              The ridiculous theory of chemtrail

The "theory" of chemtrails says some trails that appear in the sky after the passage of the planes; actually consist of condensed water vapor from the combustion of hydrocarbons, but from other harmful chemicals. The purpose of the alleged spraying is not clear.

                       International Airport

The condensation trails; clouds that form when the engine exhaust gases, which are not saturated or on water or on ice, cooled with ambient air and saturated with respect to water, forming droplets of liquid, and with respect to ice, so he quickly frozen; The evolution of pressure and temperature of an air parcel traversed by the exhaust gases leaving the engine is roughly a straight line; The slope of this line is called wake factor is measured in units of specific humidity level (temperature), the specific humidity is the amount of water vapor contained in air and is measured in grams of water per kilogram of air wet (g / kg).

                              The real factor is air pollution over the City

Covering deceptions you maybe weren't aware of. About the media, hollywood, food, teaching systems, everything you can imagine, indoctrinating your mind and soul. There are so many deceptions going on around the clock in our time:

                                          Chemtrail Indoctrination

     Beware of the freaky people about the false conspiracy created

Learn to seek the truth for yourself to know what is true and what is disinformation; because no everything is deceit part of the disinformation is to get away from the true information.

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