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Whitney Houston and the Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories.


Whitney Houston’s Last Meal Includes Champagne and Beer


Whitney Houston consumed alcohol before her death and there are photos to prove it, TMZ reports; The combination of prescription drugs and alcohol contributed to her death.

The tragic pictures released of the hotel room in which Whitney Houston died show remnants of her final meal a hamburger, fries and a turkey sandwich which she is said to have eaten in the bathroom right before she died. The pictures also show the star was drinking champagne and beer shortly.

False conspiracies

Is spreading false and evil rumors on the internet about the death of Whitney Houston that it was murder and was part of the ritual of the Illuminati, I think it is called paranoia and misinformation;

I am surprised that people are so blind sheep to believe them in these sensationalist things without properly investigating.

Is a type of editorial bias in mass media in which events and topics in news stories and pieces are over-hyped to increase viewership or readership numbers:

Sensationalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Entertainment news website, TMZ, is reporting that award winning singer Whitney Houston has checked herself in to an out-patient rehabilitation program

A rep for Whitney Houston also said the singer is receiving treatment for drugs and alcohol as part of a “long-standing” recovery process.  

The 48-year-old did admit on several public platforms that she is facing substance abuse problems:

Crack cocaine is a highly addictive and powerful stimulant,

Very interesting statements from her;

Click: Whitney Houston Admits to Drug Use in Diane

Crack cocaine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                  Unfortunately his vices and debauchery continued

Whitney Houston hit the town and hit it hard  last night, as she danced and performed at Kelly Price & Friends Unplugged: For The Love Of R&B Grammy Party at Tru Hollywood. But her dazed demeanor and aggressive attitude upon exiting, as you can see in these new photos, have sparked fan worries.

   She looks very bad

Vices can kill you

               One of the shots of the video she looks too skinny

This is not the first time that Whitney Houston is going to
hospital a year ago..

One of the ridiculous things that the promoters of misinformation say at the funeral of Whitney Houston were a sarcophagus of pharaohs  outside the funeral home and say foolish things that Whitney Houston was not Egyptian and that she was not a Pharaoh and nothing else says that this is a ritual of the Illuminati with a mixture of deception; It is obvious that her family put those sarcophagi in commemoration of his fame! the stars of the music do not these the same stuff in all its extravagance?

A statue of what appeared to be Tutankhamun outside the funeral home.
        Her false conspiracy theories only hurt his family more:

 Cissy walked into the venue hand in hand with a staff member while Bobbi Kristina looked composed  

         Maybe Kevin Costner knows the mystery of his death?

Kevin Costner and wife Christine Baumgartner arrived at JFK airport in New York late on Friday (left), while Houston's on-off lover Ray J and sister Brandy left LAX airport in Los Angeles to head for the east coast (right)

             Bad that the Bodyguards did not stop their addiction:

It seems alarming..

Report likely to reveal if prescription drugs contributed to singer's death; valuim is a strong drug that if taken with alcohol is dangerous:

Click: Whitney Houston's Autopsy: Drugs to Blame?

                                          She conspired against itself 

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