Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Shadow of the Dalai Lama

Presenting the Tibetan flag as used from 1912 to 1950 - when it was banned by China

As you can see, he has been placed in front of the Tibetan flag, so that his head aligns directly with the centre of the sun. This is yet more evidence of 'sun worship' personified in man.

Symbol of the lluminati

The Holder of the Thunderbolt' and Shenrezig: the Dalai Lama said to be represented by the scared peaks:

 Vajrapani under the paint

The Shadow of the Dalai Lama

 He is the protector and guide of the Buddha, and rose to symbolize the Buddha's power. Vajrapani was used extensively in Buddhist iconography as one of the three protective deities surrounding the Buddha.

The Demon god of Tibet

Tibet Demon Mask

The all seeing eye of the demon

"It is difficult to deal with terrorism through non-violence," the Dalai Lama said.

"They terrorists are very brilliant and educated but a strong ill feeling is bred in them. Their minds are closed," the Dalai Lama said.

He said "I love President George W Bush."

Dalai confessed he is a demon but not an bad demon

Dalai Lama tells China he's not a 'bad demon'

US Out Of Tibet! Dalai lama Stop Lying!

Very Interesting Documentary: "Dalai Lama is a Nazi"

Yiochi Shimatsu the former General Editor of Japan Times Weekly where he explains the Dalai Lama's Nazi past. That much of the evidence has been censored as SS officers were absorbed into western government agencies after WW2.

 Nazis in Tibet  From 1926 to 1943 the Nazis sent yearly official SS expeditions to Tibet:
On the other hand, the Nazis' interest in Tibet is well known. The Ahnenerbe, or Nazi Society for Ancesiral Heritage, organized several expeditions to Tibet. Their purpose was to locate the origins of the "Nordic" race which was, according to the Nazi theoreticians, of Indo-Germanic stock. But some contend that the main goal of these expeditions actually was to get in touch with the spiritual "power-plant" producer of Vril.

 The various other occult organizations which helped shape the Third Reich, in an esoteric history of mankind. and it was in the archives of Tibetan monasteries that this history was preserved in its purest form.

The New World Order and the Dalai Lama
Looking past a Post Apocalyptic or Capitalists, Fascist Dictatorial World View, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet presents his view on how a New World Order should look..

Swastika symbol of Tibet

Mandala Tibet Hexagram

The magicians of Babylon

The Mark on his forehead

He likes to do much the sign of the horns


The Mark of the Whore of Babylon..

 The kundalini force of the serpent of Shiva

Sacred prostitution, temple prostitution, or religious prostitution is a practice of worship that includes hieros gamos or sacred marriage performed as a fertility rite and part of sacred sexual ritual.

Sacred prostitution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Interesting and official Documentary from SwissTV: The Dark Side of Dalai Lama.