Monday, September 9, 2013

Ethiopia and Poverty - Horn of Africa.

Synopsis: Life is tough for two women, Belay and Zemu, who live in the small village of Kajima in northern Ethiopia. The shortage of food caused them to leave the village and travel with their kids to the capital, Addis Ababa for begging. Zemu and Belay support the family they left behind with the money they make as beggars. Several months later, they come back to the village with their small savings. This year, Zemu returned to a bad surprise. Rumors in the village told that her husband had donated some of her pots to another woman. A short documentary about extreme poverty in Ethiopia where drought and climate change make people struggle for survival.

I recommend watching this documentary of poor people who have them many wise words to share:


In 2006, an acute shortage of food affected the countries in the Horn of Africa (Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia), as well as northeastern Kenya. The United Nations's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimated on January 6, 2006, that more than 11 million people in these countries may be affected by an impending widespread famine, largely attributed to a severe drought, and exacerbated by military conflicts in the region.

2006 Horn of Africa food crisis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 It is the worst humanitarian disaster in history a drama ignored by the developed countries, 11 million people may starve in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. In some areas, like southern Somalia, affecting 80% of the population. The exodus and camps make the situation but insufficient aid, and is not expected to improve the outlook in the coming years.

2011 East Africa drought


Matthew 24
35 For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, when I had to leave my country, you took me into his house, 36 when I had no clothes, you got it, when I was sick I visited, when I was in prison and you visited me. "

37 "And the good I ask," Lord, when did we see you hungry and gave you food? When was thirsty and give you drink? 38 Have you ever had to leave your country and welcome you into our home, or we see you without clothes and give you what to wear? 39 do not remember you've been sick, or in prison, and you have visited. "

40 "I the King will say," What you did to help one of the least important of the world, whom I consider as brothers, as if they had done for me. "

This link is dedicated to all victims of poverty, disese and hunger, may he rest in peace in the Lord.

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