Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Mysterious 666 of Solomon and the Real Microchip at the End of Time.

                                                      Urban Myth or Reality?

Many people say that the future mark of the beast are microchip implants in the human body called RFID Radio Frequency Identification but I do not support such misinformation; 

These movements against the Microchip are fake and these provide misinformation:

                          They give false propaganda about the future

David Icke is another "big liar" of all these issues; Icke is part of the esoteric agenda of the Illuminati; they promote misinformation to mislead the people of truth that filling the minds of people with extravagance and inflating the heads of people with winds of evil doctrines;
                          See this TV show for dummies of Icke:
David Icke explains the NWO and the Microchip

David Icke and the Microchip Agenda with Spanish Subtitles

Is a type of editorial bias in mass media in which events and topics in news stories and pieces are over-hyped to increase viewership or readership numbers:

Sensationalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Those who accept their liar of David Icke they will have the mark of the beast.

Because it has another interpretation and other research in accordance with the codes of the Bible:

The microchip of Supercomputer and the RFID are in Everywhere; the Mark of 666 has arrived and found in many advertisements of all media, politics and war among many other things.

This is the Reality

Each card of identity citizen has a microchip in it

   Information present on the document or in a supporting database might include the bearer's full name, a portrait photo, age, birth date, address, an identification number, profession or rank, religion, ethnic or racial classification, restrictions, and citizenship status. New technologies could allow identity cards to contain biometric information, such as photographs, face, hand or iris measurements, or fingerprints.

No need for a microchip implant when you have a Biometric ID card: 


                                        Microchip Identity
                     New microchip card for US purchases in Europe
Handheld Scanner Microchip in Clothing and Markets

As Wal-Mart and other retail giants buy into the RFID concept, software makers and other high-tech companies are salivating over the billion-dollar-plus prospects of this new market.

What are RFID’s?

RFID is short for radio frequency identification.You can think of it as a small mini electronic system that has a tiny atena, transponder, and microprossor. When this tiny system receives a radio frequency from the RF range of radio waves the information is processed and then returned with the identification of the tag.(RFID's)


Baja Beach Club Rotterdam Netherlands starts with implanting RFID Chips into their customers.

                                            RFID Everywhere 

                                    This is nothing new:


                                          RFID Animal Identification


Texas Instruments RFID low frequency technology has been used to identify millions of livestock animals around the world.  

These systems track meat and dairy animals, valuable breeding stock and laboratory animals involved in lengthy and expensive research projects. The Australian National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) is the first and the largest implementation of RFID for animal tracking in the world.

Electronic  Sheep Identification Using RFID

RFID in Arms

RFID Military Technology

For the Pentagon, RFID systems are part of a major logistics revamp. And the deadline for suppliers to attach RFID tags to many of the goods they ship to the American armed forces is indeed looming. 

As the Future Soldier?

Handheld Scanner RFID


                                        Identification RFID for soldiers



                                     RFID in Medicine and Hospitals

                                       RFID Social Security

                      All these Microchip RFID are now operating!

So what is the buy and sell with the Mark of the Beast?

These are the markets and his greedy advertising, the indoctrination of products with subliminal messages, the new marks in society as sports brands, logos of music that promote the New Age and other cults of Babylon;  

Also are the fashion, pagan ideologies, politics, the sale of new religions, the false gods, the apostasy and the dome of the Mark of the Beast is the Ideology of the New World Economy where the pagan people made ​​a deal with the Beast:

What is the identity and the impact of the microchip in financial markets  of the 666?

As I mentioned in my notes about the Microchip of IBM the most influential and powerful elitist company who also is the main security of nuclear weapons agency of U.S. which has a fundamental role with their Supercomputers that these machines were manually manipulated to caused economic crisis and make big holes in "the financial system" because these are the fastest computers in the world to quickly handle the ups and downs of the financial bubble.

"These types of moves are certainly greater than anything we've seen in the last 10 years, and it's absolutely because now the majority of the orders are being done by these high-frequency trading robots," said Sal Arnuk, co-founder of Themis Trading, an independent brokerage firm.

High-frequency trading, also known as algorithmic or programmed trading, relies on software to determine when to buy and sell shares, usually based on a particular pattern or technical level in the market. These trades can happen several times a minute.

Read more:

Click: Computers rule Wall Street - CNN Money


                                                  Wall Street

Man vs. Machine on Wall Street: How Computers Beat the Market

                                  666 Fifth Ave. in New York.
The 666 is the fallen number also for the economy; the 666 can represents the financial collapse of Wall Street; which means the number (Zero 000):

                          Some of the Promoters of the NWE:

This is the only evidence about the 666 from the Old Testament with relation to the economic collapse

1 Kings 10:14
The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents. 15 not including the revenues from merchants and traders and from all the Arabian kings and the governors of the territories. 

The merchants is a description similar to the prophecy of the merchants of the fall of the Great Babylon!

                               The weight of the gold of Babylon.

Gold bars in the gold vault of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

And the head of the Statue of Nebuchadnezzar

What happen if the economy goes down? they will implanted microchips in your body so that you can buy or sell?

Is not necessary that they will implement microchip in your body; In this case they would give you a better a new credit card with an integrated microchip and a thousands of people they would take this new credit card; 

Those theories and movements against the implanting a chip in the future is completely false because a global financial meltdown is like a holocaust where thousands of people will be in danger;  

Such microchip that they mention is a distraction to deviate from the reality, think twice about these evil people who want to reduce the world population; 

Wall Street is not just the financial economy of America but is the financial center of the World economy controlled by a powerful elite of neo-Nazis 

Buy or sell with the mark of the Beast is the accept of the New World Order, the lies and a new world without Jesus Christ for those who follow the witchcraft and the idolatry

This is whole pagan ideology and many cults by those who do not recognize God and his Son; the people who do not repent of their evil deeds.

                           The people who follow the Antichrist

Solomon received yearly was 666 talents 

Is Salomon the man with the number of 666? Of course Not but Salomon can represent the man of 666 who is also a king of the Beast; 

The number 666 of this man could be this a king of Israel? probably a rich and a powerful man; this man with the mark of the Beast is part of a powerful globalist dynasty in Israel that also this elite of Illuminatis has the control of the powers of U.S.

According to the lies of Freemasonry Salomon was a Mason who built the Temple of God in Jerusalem including the pyramids;

                              Masonic Monument in Israel
                    Solomon received yearly was 666 talents

More Financial Crisis in Israel is coincidence or global conspiracy?:

Its share of the global crisis, the country's economy can not say to stop the decline. The biggest financial crisis in history, while the "Tel Aviv stock market continues to fall rapidly":
Hundreds of thousands of Israeli protesters accused the government for the economy. 

So who could be the son of perdition or the name of the Beast
I have two candidates of the "same elitist of cult" one of them represents Israel and the other U.S. One for the tribe of Judah and the other for the tribe of Ephraim:

Supreme Court of Israel: The building was donated to Israel by Dorothy de Rothschild. Outside the President's Chamber is displayed the letter Ms Rothschild wrote to Prime Minister Shimon Peres expressing her intention to donate a new building for the Supreme Court; the head of the court system and highest judicial instance in Israel. The Supreme Court sits in Jerusalem.

             Illuminati Temple of the Supreme Court in Jerusalem: 

The building was donated to Israel by Dorothy de Rothschild Outside the President's Chamber is displayed the letter Ms Rothschild wrote to Prime Minister Shimon Peres expressing her intention to donate a new building for the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court of Israel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Estimated fortune of the Rothschilds family "Who Control the Federal Reserve and Wall Street":

And the Bush Family of secrets link to the JFK assassination and the Watergate scandal, to the clan's deep involvement with the CIA:

Bush Dynasty: Who rules 'Democracy'?

                            Baron de Rothschild and Prescott Bush: 

The End is Near be Alert!

Daniel 11
43 "He shall have power over the treasures of gold and silver, (the global financial crisis)" and over all the precious things of Egypt ( riots and rebellion in Egypt ) "also the Libyans ( rebellion 2011)" and Ethiopians shall follow at his heels ( The United Nations Headquarters and Al Qaeda in Somalia ) 44 But news from the east and the north shall trouble him; therefore he shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many. 45 And he shall plant "The tents of his Palace (illuminati temple) tween the seas and the glorious holy mountain (Jerusalem); yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him.


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