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The Secret of Sai Baba - Sexual Abuse.

Sai Baba has been surrounded by allegations of sexual abuse, deceit, murder and financial crimes. A BBC documentary notes that such controversies have persisted for at least 30 years.
  According to the BBC, "The scale of the abuse has caused alarm worldwide. Governments around the world are deeply concerned and are beginning to take action, warning its citizens about Sai Baba "The website of the U.S. embassy in Delhi-referring directly to Sai Baba warns U.S. citizens intending to visit the State of Andhra Pradesh against a "local religious leader" who has been accused of engaging in "sexual misconduct" with young male devotees. The embassy said that "most of the complaints indicate that the victims of these incentives have been male devotees, including a number of American citizens."

The article "Untouchable" The Site, published on July 25, 2001, reported that after Conny Larsson, Swedish film actor alleged sexual abuse that Sai Baba had committed against him, were closed in Sweden Sai Organization along with private school affiliated with that group.

  The magazine Illustrated Weekly of India stated that, despite the allegations of sexual abuse and doubts about the divinity of the Indian-nobody is putting into question the organization's philanthropic Sai Baba.

In 1976 a former American devotee, Tal Brooke, wrote the book Avatar of the night: the hidden side of Sai Baba ('The incarnation of the night: the dark side of Sai Baba'). It refers to sexual activities secret guru.

In 2004, the BBC, in its series "The World Uncovered" - released in the UK and the world a documentary titled The Secret Swami.Un central theme of the documentary were the sexual abuse allegations against Sai Baba Alaya Rahm. The documentary interviewed him together with Mark Roche him, who dedicated 25 years of his life (from 1969) to the movement and alleged sexual abuse of the guru.

A BBC spokesman told the magazine Asian Voice that the documentary has made a great effort to be fair and balanced, and that the story was about a crisis, and ultimately a betrayal of trust.

BBC The Secret Swami Satya Sai Baba 2004 full

In investigations into allegations of so-called "miracles" of Sai Baba are but conjuring tricks - Radio Denmark Danish hired a magician, who backed Sai Baba footage in action, explains these "miracles" as pure tricks:

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