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Sherry Shriner and his Esoteric Agenda

The cult of Orgone and the esoteric agenda of Sherry Shriner

From Wiccan gods and goddesses

Sherry Shriner said from his website:

 Apparently people will be shocked...but after 6 years of what I've gone through? I'm not. With all the titles,  anointings and responsibilities I already have, being Reich's successor with Orgone and being able to Tear down the Strongholds of the NWO and Satan with it is just another honor...and big job...but we're getting it done and I need your help!
At the time I had never even heard of Wilhelm Reich and the work with Orgone Energy he had done. Reich was a martyr for the Most High. To suppress his knowledge the government killed him. But it wouldn't stay hidden or suppressed forever. Yah stood me up to finish what Reich had started.

"Of course she is a false prophet"

The origin of orgone comes from Wilhelm Reich's "and use orgone to fight malevolent aliens" the “orgone” contain : quartz cristal, copper wire, aluminium and penny, this is used as "esoteric talisman" the orgone is sold on Internet in pyramid-shaped, and many other figures for occult meditation as the buddha orgone or skull orgone

 The word Teraphim is explained in Classical Rabbinical Literature as meaning disgraceful things and in many English translations of the Bible it is translated as idols, or household god(s)

Illuminati Orgone

Skulls Orgone

From the Order of Skull and Bones and his Orgone of Death.

The sixth chakra is the third eye who is Witchcraft


Orgone energy is an idea from 1930s by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, who originated the term to describe a universal life force.

Orgone was closely associated with sexuality of Reich, the term itself was chosen to share a root with the word "Orgasm"

In the orgasm process of sex, he discovered a unique energetic life force that pervaded all nature. Reich named this force “orgone energy.”

Reich was active politically of the Marxism and "serial monogamy" on the sexual freedom of Marxism that proclaimed by the communists, the monogamous relationships, public nudity, homosexuality and the legalization of abortion.

The Marxist ideologies are the other pillar of the Freemason, Wilhelm Reich was one of them and a practicing of sex cults of Satanists.

a strange confession which Marx made in a poem called: The Player, later down-played by both himself and his followers:
The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain,
Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.
See this sword? The prince of darkness sold it to me. -
For me beats the time and gives the signs.
Ever more boldly I play the dance of death.

Wilhelm Reich - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sherry Shriner is an agent of disinformation as part of the esoteric agenda of them, she does not represent the Bible Codes, she denied the true Bible Codes, unfortunately there are invaders in the Codes of the Bible that they want to misinform the truth, the deceit codes of Sherry Shriner are incomplete and find these with an old decoder program that it is doubtful, then she interpret their own versions that coming from source ambiguous as the cult of orgone and other dangerous ideologies as the Nazi doctrine of Serpent seed ( the Antichrist )  which this is Carnal mind.

Adherents of the white supremicist theology known as Two-Seedline of false christian Identity hold that white people are descendants of Adam and are hence the chosen people of God. The Jewish people are said to be descendants of Cain and thus of Satan;
This belief was developed by David Icke, Wesley A. Swift, Conrad Gaard and William Potter Gale among others "false prophets", all are masonry.

The serpent seed Nazi doctrine also say that Satan "FORNICATE" with Eva,
that the Jews are descendants of Cain and this is a lie and danger deception.

Sherry Shriner is a Masonry? of course its doctrines are the 666 and another strange thing the word Shriner come from the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, also commonly known as Shriners established in 1870, is an appendant body to Freemasonry.

The Islamic Logo of the Mystic Shriners

Shriners - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The doctrine of the serpent seed is the path of deception

Stay away from this and repent!

Be careful there are many fake internet pages about the Bible codes that these codes are manipulated as codes that are accompanied with painted images of his own imagination that coming from his forehead and are very misleading also there are other sites that look official but are charlatans that these diverted to other gods.

Deuteronomy 6:4  

The LORD is our God, the LORD is ONE!

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  1. I wonder about sherry shriner, but you can take some of her information as useful. Not sure about orgone. Africa is using it to fight NWO. To hell with the NWO.