Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bobo Shanti and the False Prophets of Rastafari

False prophet of rastafari

This poster contains Masonic symbols

False prophet of rastafari who proclaimed himself the king emmanuel Charles Edwards VII, to creating the doctrine or masonic order of "Bobo Shanti", they preach that Jesus is black and this false prophet claiming to be the black messiah, they regarded Edwards as god also preach the Black Supremacy concept is symbolic.

Bobo Shanti are a mansion within the Rastafari movement and led by the late Charles Edwards preach a form of black supremacy based on the original teachings of Leonard Howell and on the teachings of Marcus Garvey.

Black supremacy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Must to see: Exposing Black Racism!

This video keeps getting flagged by black racists who are desperately trying to maintain the lie that it's okay for black people to despise white people based on hateful, ignorant racial prejudice.


Click: The Freemasonry Reggae of Babylon

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