Tuesday, April 2, 2013

President Enrique Peña Nieto and the Drug Cartels

After the Ministry of Interior in Spain revealed the details on the arrest of four members of the Sinaloa cartel among which is the cousin of "El Chapo" Guzman, based on unofficial investigations photographs spread in social networks prove the relationship between one of the drug traffickers and virtual presidential winner in Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.

Gutierrez Guzman is the cousin of Chapo Guzman, one of the most wanted drug traffickers after Osma Bin Laden.

The pictures broadcast on the social network Facebook show Celaya Rafael Humberto Valenzuela, issues identified as responsible for "legal" criminal organization in social events with former PRI candidate, Peña Nieto, during his presidential campaign.

Celaya Valenzuela, was nominated to the council of state of Sonora by the PRI, but lost the bid and decided to challenge the results, in its review confirmed their defeat.

So far, the Institutional Revolutionary Party leaders have not made official statements.

This Friday, the Ministry of Interior in Spain gave a press conference detailing the capture of drug traffickers and their links with the Mexican cartel.

In the photos of Celaya Facebook account Valenzuela also highlights an album which sees the alleged arrested in Madrid, city where he was detained for alleged links to drug trafficking.

He says I'm too Narco

The Brotherhood of Darkness

Celaya Valenzuela, also boasts pictures with Senator-elect and the next leader of the PRI caucus, Emilio Gamboa

Too intimate photos with political spheres of corruption is no coincidence but the authorities do nothing to investigate and catch them all..

"El Chapo" expands its presence in European areas

MADRID, Spain. - The Sinaloa cartel, led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, trying to break into the drug trade in Europe through Spain and fight the territory dominated by Colombian organizations, considered the newspaper "El País" the article "Clash of mafias in Spain."

The newspaper recalled that last July seized a shipment of Nikolai merchant ship in the southern Spanish coast, with 373 kilograms of cocaine, and stopped in Madrid to four links of the Sinaloa cartel.

The newspaper adds that this criminal group sought control of the export of cocaine in Europe, where, in percentage terms, the demand is higher than in the U.S. and prices higher.

According to the information, since 2007 data are your attempt of activity in Spain, through Portugal, with the shipment of cocaine in small port charges, and among those arrested Jesus Gutierrez Guzman cartel leader's cousin, "El Chapo "Guzman.

The report notes that partnerships do not know I can do the Sinaloa cartel in Spain, as the Colombian groups still control the Atlantic routes, using Galician groups.

After the operation last July, Spanish police officers were deployed to the United States to exchange information on the Mexican cartel, and analyze how they try to settle in Spain.

The magazine, whose content is mostly about the electoral process in Mexico, boasts on its cover a picture controversy: Televisa logo with a presidential sash.

Almost a month ago, the British newspaper The Guardian revealed an agreement with Televisa PRI candidate Enrique Peña Nieto to favor him in his path to the presidency, and in turn, discredit the candidate of the leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Televisa and TV Azteca have 95% of broadcast frequencies, control 65% of the television networks, account for 70% of the national advertising market and, last but not least, are able to sell and extort politicians who pay millions in cash public to exit the screen. If they do, the TV power threatens to destroy his political career.

Peña Nieto raising his hand in being number one with Televisa

The all-seeing eye is the logo of Televisa, the solar deity.

MEXICO CITY – Mexican media giant Televisa said in a statement released Wednesday that none of the 18 suspects arrested last week in Nicaragua in possession of a big cash haul and disguised as news journalists has ever worked at the company and also denied any link to the vehicles seized from them:

Latin America’s biggest TV broadcaster said it has already issued a formal statement to Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office denying any ties to the detainees, adding that that document will be forwarded to the Nicaraguan authorities.

The 18 suspects were arrested on Aug. 20 in Nicaragua in possession of $9.2 million in cash at a checkpoint near the border with Honduras. Traces of cocaine were found on the bills.

The suspects had hid the money inside six news vans bearing the Televisa logo that they were driving at the time of their arrest, police spokesman Fernando Borge told Efe earlier this week.

Arraigned Saturday on charges of money laundering and racketeering, the 18 suspects are being held without bail.

The group tried to enter Nicaragua from Honduras en route to Costa Rica, Nicaraguan prosecutors said.

In its statement, the media company said it may file a complaint against the suspects for allegedly trying to pass themselves off as Televisa employees and/or their vehicles as Televisa property.

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