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The Revelation of the Pyramids: 'The research that changed the world'

They found that the Pyramids of Giza are older than the Egyptians themselves , their perfection dimensional , architectural and astronomical conclude that a civilization more developed with heavenly purpose helped build these monuments supernatural . 

The most popular theory is that the Great Pyramid served as an immense tomb for a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. However, there are now enough evidence to show that the Great Pyramid was a unique structure , which was not planned to be a traditional tomb . 

To speak of Egypt the Bible has much to say because it is not just a book of faith but of history and mysteries as indicated by anthropologists and for his close relationship with the ancient Egyptians from the Old Testament.

Purpose for God? 

Just as Moses was given instructions to build the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant , is it possible for God to give perfect instructions to build the Great Pyramid of Giza ? The biblical texts reveal perfect dimensions given to Noah for the ark and ideal proportions given to Solomon for the Jewish Temple - As other symbols in the ancient scriptures , is it possible that the Great Pyramid may have some purpose testimonial to God?The prophet Isaiah spoke of " the last time" when he stated : 

Isaiah 19:19 

Remarkably, geographical studies have been conducted , including hydrographs and satellite images confirming that the Great Pyramid of Giza is located directly in the center of Egypt, in the "border" between the two ancient Egyptians . In fact , GIZA means " BORDER " in Arabic. Surprisingly , the Great Pyramid is a pillar at the border between these two Egypts , but also "in the midst " of them ( the Hebrew word is betoch , meaning " between" or "within" ) .

Excellent documentary:

The Revelation of the Pyramids: 'The research that changed the world'

For all wishing to explore and discover the mystery of these supernatural mega monuments have a purpose for the end and the beginning of a new era for all humanity in the world .. messages that have encapsulated in these machines rustic time?

They knew that the pyramid of Teotihuacan in Mexico soon be built more than 150 years and that the Pyramids of Giza that are older by thousands of years, larger weight and dimension, only in its construction lasted no more than 20 years!

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  1. P Sorry if my English is not good ... I am using a translator internet ...

    I found your post interesting and I thought it best to inform :

    Meaning of Isaiah 19:19-20
    What is the meaning of Isaiah 19:19-20 ?
    " In that day the LORD will be an altar in the land of Egypt , and a pillar to the LORD at its border . Be a sign and witness to the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt, cry out to the LORD because of the oppressors , and he shall send them a savior and defender that 's free ( Isaiah 19:19 , 20) " .

    On the " Altar " which is predicted in verse nineteen , two trends for interpretation. The first is about a Jewish temples . Occurs later stood two temples Hebrews in Egypt , one in Elephantine , built before the 525 . C. and destroyed in the year 410 , and the other in Leontopolis , near Memphis , in the delta region , built in response to the request of Onias to Ptolemy Philometor and Cleopatra , around 150 . C. .

    However , a second interpretation , more secure , it is unlikely that we see here allude to any of these temples . The prediction of verses 18-25 is entirely conditional . Never reached the time when the Egyptians swore allegiance to the true God and became prune the Lord (verse 25 ) . This prediction was never fulfilled , in part because the Israelites were not faithful to the sacred committed that had entrusted to him .

    If Israel had been faithful , people of all nations , including Egypt , they would have converted to Jehovah ( Zech. 14 : 16 -19 ) . The centers for the worship of the true God would have replaced the places of worship of pagan gods . The prophet foresaw a time when the world volveria Jehovah and serve him . However , as a result of Israel's failure , this conditional prophecy can not be fulfilled. But the renewed earth all nations of the redeemed worship Jehovah ( Isa. 11 : 9 , 45 : 22-23 ; Dan. 7 : 27 ) .

    Another important word to be highlighted in this text is Prince . Hebrew " rab " , literally , " big" , whence comes the word Rabbi , " My great ." In squeegee 1QIs th of the Dead Sea Scrolls reads yrd verbal form that could derive from the verb radah , " rule" , or YARAD , "down" .

    In the first case , the last part of the back 20 should be read as " rule and free," second " and descend free."

    But the second option seems more likely , since it allows a secondary application , the second coming of Christ .

    I hope that when he comes again , you 're really hoping , as his great píncipe .

    A hug from your friend and brother in Christ ,